03 March, 2012

When nobody should bother you.

I think they should apply such rules. Every man has the right not to be bothered and made to handle whatever is needed in certain cases. What do I mean? Read down!

Football/Soccer match

It is not right, just not right your favorite team to play an important match against their eternal rival, and someone to tell you how how they need your help for something, or you need to go to somewhere, telling you not to be lazyass, etc... My apologies, but this wont work, its sacred!


This time is absolutely inviolable! You are finally crashed on the couch watching your brand new porn ("This looser is very ridiculous - if I just was on his place...") and .. Someone rings the phone. Someone knocks on the door. And someone writes you sms every minute that you urgently need to phone him. Please!


In front of the PC, watching TV on the table during dinner, in the bus while talking on the phone - you have my permission to sleep when you want! Nobody can just wakes you up like that! Imagine how cool it would be if it was possible as soon as you start snoring happily, to have "Do not disturb!" label on your forehead. Nap time is an essential for every man, so make the most of it.

After work   

You overcame your boss bullshits, suffered your annoying colleagues, fought with the traffic jams and after that with the neighbor's dog who is desperately trying to make children on your leg up in the elevator. Want to crash on the couch and no one can bother you. But - right now 15 people will call you, your girlfriend will insist that you should pay more attention to her. Now, just really no one to ask anything from you, I know!


During Saturday's district match, PS3-marathon or reading your favorite blog(lol), regardless of gender or age, they may not want anything from you. It is best to silence the phone, and even-better remove the vibration - annoying hum can get you out of your nerves even more. Not to mention if it is a case in which you are in the middle of a very important poker hand!


Yes, I know that rarely happens, but when you finally managed to lie something new, somehow is not right everyone to rush to call you and rush to enter the room where sweat. There are no scruple to refuse requests and tasks of any pest when you Johnson is finally lucky! However, keep in mind that friends are important before the accidental dunks, and in this case depends on who harasses you.


  1. You're speaking the truth right here! Having a job with your own clients usually leaves you 30% of the leisure time you would have - not that I'm complaining though!

  2. Have to agree with each one, also when sitting on the can to, the damn phone starts to ring, can't even take a dump in peace..haha

  3. Spot on - although for the last one the risk of being interrupted can add that little something

  4. Masturbation is the stimulation of the sexual organs hehe

  5. It's a shame none of these seem to apply to family, haha.

  6. This is my bible and you are God.

  7. Hahaha, I wouldn't mind someone bothering me during masturbation.

  8. Very good guide. When people are zoned in on their hobby it's not good to talk to them usually they will reply "Yeah" oh "Yep" or "mmhm" lol

  9. the key with being interrupted during sex is to not stop, the awkwardness will drive out any intruder, even the drunk ones.


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