23 January, 2012

More information about Resident Evil 6

After the trailer for Resident Evil 6, here are some details coming directly from the twitter account of the game.

  •  The game is developed for 2 years;
  •  In the coming months there will be more information about the demo
  •  The Resident Evil 6, "Tall Oaks" will be the epicenter of the new zombie "invasion." The city is "populated" with 70,000 zombies. (It should be noted that the history of Leon will be developed there, while Chris is in China.)
  •   Zombies in RE6 are different from that which we were used in previous Resident Evil games;
  •   The game will have survival-horror elements, mixed with "classic Resident Evil moments";
  •   Of course (like every time) the control systems have been altered and will include "some new elements."

Separately, a few days of xbox.com says that the game will have Online multiplayer for 2 to 8 people and Online co-op for 2 to 6 people? (WTF)


  1. They should have addressed the unfortunate logo as well!

  2. Looks sweet...never did get into resident evil games...always more into FPS blowing stuff up and RPGs...but this looks amazing! followed!

  3. Looks good but idk looks like they are trying to cater to the "FPS" and "COD" kids with all the gun play.

    I will still buy it but I wish it has more of a old school back to the roots resident evil feel to it


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