28 January, 2012

Razer Blade was available for order! 30 minutes later - sold out

I personally expected this process to take a Razer a little more time, but yesterday the first pieces of controversial Razer Blade was released for ore-order in the U.S.  for the modest price of $2,799.99 (store.razerzone.com). Razer did not disclose how many units are were available, the only comment was "very limited quantities". So whether it's for 4, 10, 100 or so, 30 minutes later, they were all sold.Min-Liang Tan and company promised that all ordered yesterday items will be shipped next week (group of fans desperately seeking supplier route to wait for them) :D but after about 2 weeks, the second batch should be released for pre-order. Of course, here we continue to talk only about U.S., and Europe at the time was never on the agenda. What is important, is the fact that probably after 2 weeks we will be available to read the first reviews of the insanely expensive laptop with touchingly cool design and it will definitely be an interesting reading.So. Let all the hate comments to start now, please save me at least the argument "for the money I can buy a hell of a desktop machine" 

For now I will listen ... Nyan Cat:


  1. That's really cool actually, would love one of those. The touch panel is brilliant.

  2. The only thing I don't like about this is the starting price.. Quite expensive.

  3. Wow that's fast, and the laptop looks very nice. Would love to own one.

  4. Replies
    1. yeah its touch-screen + display.. more awesome from razer

  5. razer's been 50/50 to me so far, but this definitely is giving it an edge BA


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