03 February, 2012

Alan Wake will be released on 16th February!

Today the good people from Remedy Entertainment said that the PC version of Alan Wake will appear on Steam on February 17. Shortly thereafter, the game will appear in other popular digital distribution channels (including EA Origin), but all copies will be using Steam. Regarding the retail edition - "coming soon"

The price on Steam will be $30 (for the EU should be 30 euros), that includes Alan Wake and all of the upcoming DLCs. Additionally there will be digital Limited Collector's Edition priced $35 (35 euros) which will probably include some "virtual" extras, but i cant find information about them anywhere... :)

Also, Remedy confirmed that in addition to all resolutions and mega hyper sharpened HD graphics, the game will support Custom FOV option to hide HUD-a (thank you, thank you, thank you). Also we have confirmation that the game will work with both AMD Eyefinity and with NVIDIA 3D Vision.

So ... while we wait, here are a few new screenshots with unupdated textures.


  1. Still have yet to play one of the Alan Wake games, look great though.

  2. Always wanted to try this game, don't have a X360 though, so this is great news!

  3. look forward to seeing this.

  4. Cousin loved the first one. I played about 4hrs at a friends and I loved it too. I need to buy it already b4 this one comes out but no tv! :(


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