24 February, 2012

Battlefieldo announced plans about #BF3Blackout. Here are the results ...

Yesterday Battlefieldo (one of the largest Battlefield community site) threatened EA / DICE with Battlefield 3 24h blackout caused by "lack of communication between DICE and fans of the game." The complete concept around #BF3Blackout is here, if you want the shorter version, you can look at the article in eurogamer.net.

The ultimatum was that if by March 2nd, EA / DICE don't do anything about it, Battlefieldo will stop publishing information about Battlefield 3 and will lock their servers for 24 hours, inviting everybody who disagrees with the "status quo" to do the same.

DICE which personally I've always thought that are quite open and listening to the community (unlike EA) reacted very quickly, and published this titanic long post containing frighteningly large list of planned changes and fixes in the game. I personally suggest you have the strength to read the whole, to share if there are any interesting things inside. : D Of course, when these changes will take effect is TBA, but at least people at battlefieldo are quite satisfied that their thread worked.: D

EA does have announced that next week will start heading Inside DICE in BF blog and you will inform us of the new things in the game.Personally, I sincerely hope with launch of that section, EA finally deigned to reveal its plans for the new Battlefield 3 DLC that was supposed to be announced "next week" (speech made on February 2). :)


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