16 February, 2012

Details about Resident evil 6

Today, Capcom released some more details about Resident Evil 6.

  • Here's what I learned from the new press release.
  • As you know, at some point in the game Chris Redfield will end up in China. Now we learned that he will be in a town called Lanshiang;
  • The action in Resident Evil 6 will be developed in 2013;
  • President (which as we know from the trailer is now zombie) is Adam Benford (he is the man who attracts Leon working in secret services) and not the father of Ashley;
  • We have also learned that not only Helena Harper e government agent, but was just in the process of being transferred to the Secret Service to become one of the personal bodyguards of the president when the incident happened;
  • Chris Redfield returns as the leader of the BSAA \ Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance \, as the press information we learn that six months before the events in RE6, Chris has undergone some dramatic personal injury;
  • Still do not know who the mysterious third protagonist, but now officially know that question is a mercenary employed by "bloody conflict in Eastern Europe", where according to reports are increasingly used in bio-organic weapons (BOW). At some point, mercenary question is informed that "he is the man who will save the world" by Capcom here dramatically note that although the individual "does not fully understand the consequences of this, immediately began considering how much money you can earn" ( very useful info, thank you);
  • Ingrid Hunnigan, a member of the Field Operations Support (FOS) and has long worked with Leon, also returned;
  • Zombies also are back,: D as well remove the other can now run, jump at you and even use weapons .... UHUUU!;
  • J'avo e new kind of enemy, BSAA baptized by the Serbian word for "demon" (after a brief word with google translate in Serbian is ђavo). That basically first appeared in Eastern Europe about six months ago RE6. Interestingly, it appears ђavo-one human traits such as the ability to understand speech, to work in a group with other ђavo th and use weapons. Contrary to expectations however, the question being not too friendly, and actually is extremely aggressive. : D Above all, the creature can regenerate, and if you get a serious injury in an area ђavo th (I'd be fun to write it that way) can mutate the part in various forms ... Generally sounds like a very good company;
And finally: 
New management system ... that will allow you to move while Shoot: D
Will also be able to drag and rolling alas, to obscure. Plus improved melee attacks.


  1. I really need to get into this series. My girlfriend loves it...

  2. Resident Evil and Silent Hill are excellent series. Cant wait for RE6. I just hope its not all CoD like..

  3. Never played any Resident Evil game, maybe I'll start with this one.

  4. this is kinda why I'm getting out of the series
    it's been garbage for me for a while, 5 was the end of my line

  5. Can't wait for this one. I always like the ones Leon is in the best.

  6. Don't care. Only want to hear about Leon. :(

  7. Any zombie giraffes? Also This is relevant to my username.

    And I've tagged you! link

  8. Looking forward to this game! Just hope it's as good as RE4.


  9. Daaaaaaamn, Resident Evil lives forever!


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