09 February, 2012

Microsoft Flight coming February 29, free to play

Microsoft announced that the new Microsoft Flight will be released on 29 February.  The game will be F2P

The free portion of the Flight will let you fly over Hawaii County, and in the same day they will release the Hawaiian Adventure Pack. It will add the rest of the state, several bonus missions and Vans RV-6A. The price of the Adventure Pack-and will be 1,600 Microsoft ($ 20 | £ 13.60).

I'm still angry that they didn't invited me in beta. : D

UPDATE: Ahh there will be any additional aircraft which will be released as another DLC (other than Hawaiian Adventure Pack-a).

Here is a video with flying developers:


  1. Looks interesting, might be a fun bit of playtime for a while anyway and free, can't beat that.

  2. Yea definitely looks like a lot of fun.

  3. Can`t wait! This really looks like something I could find fun.

  4. I want to play this!

  5. Microsoft
    Something free

  6. Looks awesome! The graphics (from what I see here) look pretty good.


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